What would happen if we all decide that there is nothing to heal? 
What if we all truly believe that nothing needs to change? 
How much space is created when we stop searching outside of our selves for the nectar that already lives within? 
Honey would drip from our pores,
our fingertips, 
the corners of our mouths. 
Sweet melodies would emerge from deep inside our womb,
throats open and true voices liberated. 
Our limbs would speak the ancient hymns and our bodies would dance to the rhythm of our heart’s desire. 
There would be nothing else to do but bask in the perfection of all of our feminine expressions- 
the joy,  pleasure, pain, sadness, rage, bliss, 
our most introverted and extroverted selves, 
the rejected parts and the celebrated parts, 
welcomed all the same. 
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