MANA Movement Online Course

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For centuries, cultures around the world have used dance as a way to pray, celebrate, express, and connect. When the energy that naturally moves through the body is expressed through intentional movement, it has the capacity to reconnect us with our own Source energy and power of manifestation. This is a practice that, in mainstream culture has been lost. We have become disconnected from the wisdom that we each innately hold in our bodies. We have become disconnected with the knowledge of how to use this power to pray, call in, and manifest what we desire in life. But just because we have drifted away from these practices does not mean they have been lost forever! This knowledge still lives inside each of us, waiting to be reactivated and used for its purpose- to bring us into align with our highest expression of life.

Using movement as a ritual practice can be done by absolutely anyone. There is no skill required. The only element necessary is a willingness to open to the unseen realm of energy and to prioritize creating time & space to be fully present with your self, your feeling body and all of the vibrations flowing through you. Once we learn to tap into the river of energy flowing inside, welcoming it in every form – from the most gentle drips to the 10 foot high crashing waves – then we can learn to harness this power, activate it and direct it through the body in a way that supports us stepping more fully into our power. We become the masters of our reality, knowing that what is outside is a direct reflection of that is happening on the inside. 

Many ancient movement traditions have already tapped into this, it is not new information!. Martial art forms such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Aikido, Kung Fu and many others have been utilizing this knowledge of energy circulating to harness and amplify power and connection to self. Breathwork is also an ancient practice, but recently becoming more popularized as a way to clear and circulate stagnant energy in the body, release trauma and awaken individuals to their divine connection with life. Recently more popularized forms of free movement practices such as Ecstatic Dance & 5 Rhythms are also helping to forge the connection between self expression through movement with increased clarity, radiance, and satisfaction with life. So, it is already happening! There are thousands of people who have felt the impulse to reawaken this ancient and powerful practice of using intentional movement as a way to fall back in love with life, clear stagnant energy and live the life they deserve.


MANA Ritual Movement is a 3 week immersion which has been designed to suit all women, no matter what your experience, skill, or comfort level with other movement practices. In fact, this immersion has been designed for any woman who are ready to awaken more of their feminine expression. Who are ready to feel more expansive, radiant, passionate, and in love with themselves, even if they may not have the ability or confidence to step into other dance or movement practices.

This Immersion is for You!

This immersion is the perfect place to start your journey into full embodied liberation. Throughout these 21 days, you will be introduced to the essential component of the MANA Movement Practice. Each section of the practice is composed of simple, easy to follow movement patterns and exercises that will open the door into the vast world of intentional and intuitive dance and movement as a every day life ritual practice. This practice is focused on returning to the natural feminine paths of movement- circles, spirals, and waves and how these movements can be supported by the breath.

I am holding you in my Heart as I create each practice. And I am committed to holding you through this immersion with the love of a caring mother and supportive sister. I believe in you! And I believe in this practice. 

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The complete one hour MANA Movement practice is broken down into 5 modules. Every three days, you will receive a new module, which will be added on to the previous practices. The 6th module will be a guided flow of the complete hour-long practice, integrating all of the modules into a fluid practice. The last three days, you will receive a new flow each day which covers a different theme and will help to inspire you to find how you can put together different elements of the practice in order to make a new and unique flow focusing on a specific intention . Each practice will increase in length as you continue building the practice over the course of the immersion. By learning the individual exercises in this way, and building onto the practice each time, you will be gently carried along in a way to support the natural progression of your embodiment and allows the movements and sequence to become familiar. As you move through each practice, you will notice it becoming easier and quicker to drop into your feeling body, to maintain full presence throughout the practice, and to awaken more creativity and freedom in your movements. You will experience new sensations in the body- more obvious feelings of buzzing, vibrating, & pulsing. You will learn to direct this energy through your body in specific pathways, cultivating the ability to intentionally cycle and flow your life force energy in a way that supports awakening, clearing, grounding, and expansion. You will become more sensitive to the energies of the external world and how they affect your internal peace. And you will learn how to feel what is and is not yours, and how to come back to and maintain sovereignty in your body. 


  • Meditation
  • Activation
  • Manifestation
  • Prayer, Pleasure, Purpose


  • Increased fluidity and freedom in your body
  • Increased sense of peace and clarity
  • Increased ability to feel sensations in the body
  • Increased connection to creativity, passion, and sensuality 
  • Increased ability to quiet the mind and be in the present moment
  • Increased connection to your feminine expressions 
  • Increased feelings of embodied power and pleasure
  • Increased ability to maintain embodied presence throughout your day
  • The capacity to make choices and take action guided by your internal body wisdom (otherwise known as INTUITION)

By the end of these 21 days, if you stay committed to showing up for yourself and doing the practice EVERY SINGLE DAY,  you will experience a noticeable change in the way you feel and move through life. You may even experience the feeling of being a fully embodied rock star priestess master creatrix. Because you are! AND YES, THIS CAN BE YOU!


Launch Date: MAY 30th 2020